Custom Made

HUAXIN CARBIDE has its own pressing and sintering workshops for professional production of tungsten carbide circular blade, long knife, toothed knife and special shaped blades that can be customized according to customers' drawings and requirements.

HUAXIN CARBIDE specializes in the production of various types of φ20-φ350 tungsten carbide circular slitting blades, which are widely used in paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic film, tobacco, asbestos tile, electronic circuit boards, textiles, non-ferrous metal slitting industries etc.

Carbide slitting blades are applicable for slitting of chemical fiber, tobacco, carpentry, steel wire, ceramics, etc.

The special shaped carbide blades & machine knives include slotting cutters and back milling cutters, applied to paper, printing, package industries etc.


High hardness, generally 86-93 HRA; excellent wear resistance.
Good hot hardness.
High precision and long service life.
Seton can help process all kinds of carbide blades according to customers' drawings, providing customers with high quality and high cost performance tungsten carbide series products.