Circular knives for corrugated packaging industry

Tungsten Carbide Circular Knives for Corrugated Cardboard Paper

Products Name:Carbide circular knife /Corrugated Paper slitting knife/Carbide Round knife

Materials:Solid Tungsten Carbide

Carbide Knife Feature:The blade edge is smooth and without burrs, thus the cut products’ quality is excellent.

Technical:From Powdering-Pressing-Sintering-Grinding,All Process flows made by HUAXIN CARBIDE.We are Manufacturer!

Carbide Grade:There are variety grade for choice

Samples:Free samples before firm order (not including of freight costs)


Lead time:7-20days

Types:Universal /OEM/ODM


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Circular knives for corrugated packaging  slitting



The cardboard slitter blades are used on paper slitting machines for the slitting of carton board, three-layer honeycomb board, five-layer honeycomb board, seven-layer honeycomb board. The blades are highly wear-resistant and cut without burrs.


The blade edge is smooth and without burrs, thus the cut products’ quality is excellent.
Every piece of blades are tested and accepted according to customers’ drawings or designs.

Matching machines

All items are made according to technical specifications (dimensions, grades…) of major equipment manufacturers. Our products are suitable for BHS, FOSBER, MARQUIP, MITSUBISHI, AGNATI, PETERS, TCY, K&H, YUELI, JS MACHINERY and others.

We can also produce according to customers’ request. Welcome to send us your drawings with dimensions and material grades and we will be pleased to provide you with our best offer!

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Items Common sizes -OD*ID*T (mm)  Holes
1 φ200*φ122*1.2 No
2 φ210*φ110*1.5 No
3 φ210*φ122*1.3 No
4 φ230*φ110*1.3 No
5 φ230*φ130*1.5 No
6 φ240*φ32*1.2 2(holes)*φ8.5
7 φ250*φ105*1.5 6(holes)*φ11
8 φ250*φ140*1.5
9 φ260*φ112*1.5 6(holes)*φ11
10 φ260*φ114*1.6 8(holes)*φ11
11 φ260*φ140*1.5
12 φ260*φ158*1.5 8(holes)*φ11
13 φ260*φ112*1.4 6(holes)*φ11
14 φ260*φ158*1.5 3(holes)*φ9.2
15 φ260*φ168.3*1.6 8(holes)*φ10.5
16 φ260*φ170*1.5 8(holes)*φ9
17 φ265*φ112*1.4 6(holes)*φ11
18 φ265*φ170*1.5 8(holes)*φ10.5
19 φ270*φ168*1.5 8(holes)*φ10.5
20 φ270*φ168.3*1.5 8(holes)*φ10.5
21 φ270*φ170*1.6 8(holes)*φ10.5
22 φ280*φ168*1.6 8(holes)*φ12
23 φ290*φ112*1.5 6(holes)*φ12
24 φ290*φ168*1.5/1.6 6(holes)*φ12
25 φ300*φ112*1.5 6(holes)*φ11

Remark:The common specifications of the cardboard slitter blades are listed as above. The blades can be OEM/ODM produced according to customers’ drawings and samples.

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