Tungsten Carbide chemical fiber cutter blades /Staple fiber cutter blades

Products Name:Staple Fiber Cutter Blade/Chemical fiber cutter blades

Material:Pure Tungsten Carbide 100% virgin Tungsten powder

Types:MARK IV,MARK V,95x19x0.884mm ,135x19x1.4mm;140x19x1.4mm etc.

Description: Pressed and sintered by tungsten carbide and cobalt powder, and finally machined

Advantage:We are real manfacuturer ,We have sufficient blades in stock& available.Factory price ,Fast Deliver ,Professioanl Sales team for before/after sales service and so on .

Note:We provide both industry standard chemical fiber blades and specialty fiber blades to meet specific needs.

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Name:Staple Fiber Blade/Chemical fiber cutter blades
Description: MARK V ;MARK IV

Measurements:117.5×15.7×0.884mm-R1.6   74.6×15.7×0.884mm-R1.6

Note:We provide both industry standard chemical fiber blades and specialty fiber blades to meet specific needs.


Carbide grade:CH40X

Application:for cutting chemical staple Polypropylene fiber and fiberglass/mask non-woven fabric
Suit for Most Textiles machines: Staple fibre blades for Lumus, Barmag, Fleissner, Neumag, Zimmer, DM&E


Why Tungsten Carbide blades for staple fiber cutting:

Cutting chemical fibres makes very heavy demands on blades. The productivity of state-of-the-art large-scale machines such as those made by Lumus, Barmag, Fleissner, Neumag or Zimmer, depends on a number of factors. One of these is the quality of the staple fibre blades used – and that means blade after blade after blade. In this high-performance application, all materials are applied tungsten carbide are selected after close consultation with the customer. It is only by applying these high-quality staple fibre blades that it is possible to cut every fibre to exactly the same length and prevent frayed fibre ends. Staple fibre blades from HUAXIN CARBIDE meet this requirement – and many more.


Cutting the polyester staple fibers requires blades that are with of very high quality and efficiency.

Long-term, consistent sharpness, Longer machine running up and save downtime of blade changes
High quality tungsten carbide materials,Strictly use pure tungsten carbide ,meet optimum hardness requirements
Blade geometries depend on the type of fibres to be cut,Controlled length of fiber and no unraveling
Adhere to strictly tolerance standards;
Suitable for all standard cutting machines in use in the industry, Higher productivity
Customized service to match your specific process requirements

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