Tungsten carbide planer blades

Product Name:Woodworking – Tungsten Carbide Planer Blades 

Materials:Solid tungsten carbide

Size(in mm):

  • 56×5.5×1.1 solid carbide planer blades for Adler planer
  • 75.5×5.5×1.1
  • 80.5×5.9×1.2
  • 82×5.5×1.1

All size list please contact our sales for checking.

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Tungsten carbide planer blades for wood working

Solid tungsten carbide, planer blades to suit all popular brands of table top and hand held portable planers.Excellent planing quality and 20x longer lifetime than conventional blades.

Solid tungsten carbide planer blades designed for use with portable electric planers with 56/75.5/80.5/82mm or more longer cutting block and suitable clamping system. Blades are manufactured from high quality tungsten carbide and provide excellent performance in both timber and man-made boards. Blades are supplied 10pcs /pack in a plastic case and are reversible to provide an extended working life.

Blades are suitable for below listed planers:

Blades to fit the following machines - AEG, BOSCH, Blacker & Decker, DeWalt, Draper, Elu, Fein, Felissatti, Haffner, Hitachi, HolzHer, Kress, Mafell, Makita, Metabo, Nutool, Perles, Peugeot, Skil, Ryobi, Trend, Wolf / Kango etc

*Black & Decker Planer Models – BD710, DN710, DN720, BD711, KW713, KW725, BD713, BD725.
*AEG Planer Models – EH82, EH82-1, EH700, EH822, H750, H500, EH3-82, EH800, EH450.
*Bosch Planer Models – PHO2-82, PHO3-82, PHO3-82B, PHO100, PHO150, PHO200, PH300, PHO15-82, *PHO25-82, PHO30-82, 1592-9, GHO282, GHO31-82, GHO36-82c.
*DeWalt Planer Models – DW677, DW678K, DW678EK, DW680K D26500, D26501
*Draper Planer Model – P882
*Felisatti Planer Model – TP282
*Haffner Planer Model – FH224
*Hitachi Planer Models – P20V, P20SA.
*Holz-Her Planer Models – 2321, 2321-S, 2322, 2223 (new), 2121, 2330.
*Mafell Planer Models – EHU82, MHU82, MHU82S, MHU82D.
*Metabo Planer Models – Expert 4382, HO0882, HO8382.
*Nutool Planer Model – NPT82
*Perles Planer Model – SK82A
*Peugeot Planer Models – RA82CS, RA400, RA3/82.
*Skil Planer Models – 92H, 94H, 95H, 96H, 97H.
*Ryobi Planer Models – L282, L-1835, L180.
*Wolf/Kango – 8108

Long life and easy maintenance

Tungsten edged planer blades

Planer blades fit table top and hand held, portable planers

Carbide Planer blades reversible and disposable ,replace for 3-1/4 inch woodworking power planer.


Compatible with all brands of planers that use disposable planer blades.

Reversible – turn them around when one side is blunt.

Manufactured from high grade carbide with fine grain and are ground to a mirror quality finish

Precision ground cutting edges for superior finish and long life  to produce the sharpest, keenest edges possible


We are a manufacturer ,all orders are manufactured with normal lead time 20days.Or We can dispatch your order within 5 working day if have stock available.Please contact our sales before place orders. Our customer service team will make to provide all the details.

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